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Wondering what to do with the latest seasonal foods? Here’s a partial record of what we’ve been eating ourselves.

Peachy keen

How to pick a peach

September 2, 2011

Anyone who’s eaten a peach won’t soon forget its lusciousness, but the range of flavors among varieties might surprise even the most ardent peach lover. There’s the subtly sweet, white Sugar Lady; the tangy, bright yellow Flavorcrest; and the oh-so-aromatic, orangey Sun Crest. But that’s just a start.

Fresh peaches, of course, are delicious out of hand. But as a pastry cook in Los Angeles, I learned to use every type of southern California peach for cobblers, sorbet, breaded and baked desserts, ice creams, and soufflés. And it doesn’t get any more American than a peach pie; after all, American fruit lovers have picked the fuzzy stone fruit since European colonists first brought the species to the Eastern seaboard. (A native Chinese plant, the peach was introduced to Europe through the Silk Road trade routes.)

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