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Ried is the cooking columnist for the Boston Globe Magazine and the kitchen-equipment specialist on the PBS show “America’s Test Kitchen.”



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  • Adam Ried Mar 13 11:19 AM - Comment
    All clear!
  • Adam Ried Dec 20 3:18 PM - Comment
    Salt cod
  • Adam Ried Nov 6 1:21 PM - Comment
  • Adam Ried Sep 11 7:50 PM - Comment
    commented on Harissa magic.

    Hey --

    I’m so sorry to have missed the comment in July about the tomatoes. When I researched harissa I saw recipes both with and without tomato. Probably more without, but if you’re seriously allergic I think it makes sense to ask. I don’t have any packaged harissa with me right now, so I’m afraid I can’t check the ingredients for you at the moment.

    In terms of how long an opened tube of harissa keeps under refrigeration, I’ve never tested it but I’m willing to guesstimate it might be up to 6 months.

  • Adam Ried Jul 10 11:41 PM - Comment
    commented on Harissa magic.

    Hi Alex --

    I hope you end up as intrigued by harissa as I am. Tonight I had a big spoonful alongside some grilled shallots, lamb, and bulgur salad -- a fine dinner!

  • Adam Ried Jul 5 2:19 PM - Comment
    Harissa magic
  • Adam Ried Apr 29 11:38 AM - Comment
    commented on Stock answers.

    Hi Maxie --

    Sorry to take a while to respond -- I’ve been traveling. And thanks for your warm thoughts re: Zoë. Definitely not the best part of having pets, but the math still works out in favor -- years of unconditional love and fun vs. a few weeks of heartache isn’t such a bad equation.

    Vis a vis the onion skins, in cooking school I was taught that one goal in stocks is to make them as clear as possible, and that onion skins could tint the liquid. Honestly, with my stocks clarity really isn’t a big deal, but I’ve kept out the skins for so long now that it’s become force of habit. Does anyone else out there have thoughts about onions skins or not?

  • Adam Ried Apr 14 9:39 PM - Split
    commented on Stock answers, Stock answers, and Stock answers.

    Hey Caleb Bo Baleb --

    I’m afraid that I don’t have a formal recipe for shrimp stock. I usually just wing it by sauteing the shells and some onion and celery scraps until the shells turn pink, then adding water to cover and some stripped thyme branches, bay leaves and peppercorns, and letting it simmer until it smells strong, usually about 45 minutes, before straining it. Oh yes, often I’ll also add a few strips of lemon zest or a small shot of white wine along with the water to brighten the flavor a bit. I hope this helps.

  • Adam Ried Apr 11 3:40 PM - Comment
    Stock answers
  • Adam Ried Jan 23 5:09 PM - Comment
    commented on Kitchen homework.

    Hey Caroline -- Indeed we are cross country stove buddies -- 30-inch Frigidaire Gallery dual fuel. What do you think of yours so far? As I said in one of my posts, I think it’s fine, but no superstar. As I type these very words I have two beef stews simmering, one on the 5000 BTU burner n back and the second on next smallest burner, the 9500 BTU one in front. Just now I wanted to put a pot of rice on there to simmer, but neither of the two remaining burners (15K and 17K BTUs) keeps a low-enough simmer for my taste. Oh well... maybe with a 6-burner range you get another simmer burner, and I can’t blame Frigidaire for my choice of a 4-burner model.

    So the rice goes into the oven. No problem. Until you open and shut the oven door, because when that front simmer burner is on low, the flame is sometimes blown out by the rush of air from shutting the oven door. Once you know about this you can deal with it, but the first time it happened I screwed up the recipe I was developing on that front burner and had to start over. GGggrrrrrrrrr.......

    The oven seems good, though mine runs about 15 degrees low (and I’ve been too lazy to calibrate it again -- I just compensate with the temp setting). I confess that I haven’t done much with the Pizza and Chicken Nugget settings, though I love your idea for the latter.

    The pic of your cat by the heater cracks me up. Congrats on the new kitchen. I can’t wait to read more about it.

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