An airy holiday dessert

Keeping it light

December 18, 2012

Pomegranate gelée fits the bill.

Expectations squashed

The report of a winter-squash tasting

November 25, 2012

Side-by-side comparisons netted some surprises.

Goat-cheese tart

Food that reflects the moment

October 26, 2012

An unexpected dessert for a season of contrasts.

Winter squash and sage

A pairing for the season

September 25, 2012

Ideas from Deborah Madison, who savors this combination.

Eggplant fast food

Sandwich of the season

August 20, 2012

You’ll want a cast-iron grill pan to make those nice marks on the eggplant, says Deborah Madison.

Tart time

‘The most divine fruit of all’

July 16, 2012

Less is more in this berry tart, based on a Lindsey Shere recipe.

Hot days, warm soup

Deborah Madison’s green lentil soup

June 22, 2012

Lentils and greens are enhanced with herbs and spices to make this year-round soup.

Jolly green asparagus

The spears of spring

May 9, 2012

How do you like your asparagus? Deborah Madison offers one colorful suggestion.

Crunch time

A lesson on texture

March 30, 2012

Adding nuts to a dish is just one trick Deborah Madison uses to give soft foods a little chomp.

Gratin know-how

Start with a shallow dish

March 5, 2012

One way to transform vegetables into comfort food.

The beauty of breadcrumbs

Cherish the humble crumb

January 13, 2012

Old bread is a great resource in the kitchen.

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