Truffle ‘fries’ at home

A treat for the happiest of hours

April 17, 2012

Make bar-style truffle fries in the oven.

Peanuts, beloved

Beyond PB&J

February 21, 2012

Around the world, people are nuts about these legumes.

What supermarkets get right

Bounty and possibility

January 25, 2012

People love to hate the supermarket.

Whipped up

Cool Whip, for the curious

January 2, 2012

A brave moment in dessert pioneering.

Food for athletes

Different bodies, different diets

December 1, 2011

The paleo diet is popular, but it’s not the only way athletes can make the most of their food choices.

Carob on its own merit

What’s not to like?

October 21, 2011

Carob is marvelous, but it’s not chocolate.

Vegan punks

Sticking it to The Man, with a fork

September 30, 2011

Ten years ago, her cooking life was about music and vegan mush.

Toffee bars

The great social equalizer

August 24, 2011

Betty Crocker knows how to cook.

Spaghetti on the Wall

Shoshanna Cohen is a writer based in Portland, Oregon. As a runner, hedonist, and culture geek, she is interested in food as fuel, as pleasure, and as language, sometimes all at once. Find her on Twitter (@shoshannac) or read her blogs about food and drinks (Socktails) and about running (Nice Shorts).

Culinate 8

Kale in the raw

Eight versions of kale salad

Eight ways to spin everyone’s favorite salad.

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The secret sharer

A father’s legacy

The Culinate Interview

Mollie Katzen

The vegetarian-cooking pioneer


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A winter romesco sauce

Good on everything

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