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In the spirit of T.G.I.F. — Thank God It’s Friday — we occasionally give away cookbooks from some of your favorite authors on some of your favorite subjects.

In celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl XLIV, between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, we have a special Cookbook Friday for our readers. Not that we’re picking favorites, mind you, but one team’s hometown certainly brings to mind both great cooking and celebrations: New Orleans.

In honor of that city’s fabulous food traditions, this week we’re featuring Cooking Up A Storm: Recipes Lost and Found From the Times-Picayune of New Orleans. Here’s your chance to not only win a copy for your own collection, but also to try out a few select recipes right now.

Entering to win the cookbook is simple. Just go to the contest page (Cooking Up A Storm), add at least one of the featured recipes to your member page recipe queue, and you’re entered to win.

We’ll randomly pull three winners from all the entrants between January 28, 2010, and Friday, February 5, 2010.

Cooking Up A Storm

January 28, 2010
boiled crawfish

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, thousands of people lost their keepsakes and family treasures forever. As residents started to rebuild their lives, the Times-Picayune of New Orleans became a post-hurricane swapping place for old recipes that were washed away in the storm.

In Cooking Up A Storm, the newspaper has compiled 250 of these delicious authentic recipes along with the stories about how they came to be and who created them. The book includes the very best of classic and contemporary New Orleans cuisine from seafood and meat to desserts and cocktails. But it also tells the story, recipe by recipe, of one of the great food cities in the world and the determination of its citizens to preserve and safeguard their culinary legacy.

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Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails

December 11, 2009

From hot winter toddies to festive, refreshing punches, seasonal cocktails are all the rage in bars and at get-togethers. Now you can entertain your guests at home with drinks tailored for every holiday season, from the experts at Mr. Boston, America’s favorite drink-mixing guide.

Mr. Boston has been the go-to manual for bartenders and spirits professionals since the repeal of Prohibition, and with this collection of stylish all-new drink recipes, Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails puts the expertise of world-class mixologists at your fingertips.

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Anyone Can Bake

December 4, 2009
yellow cake with chocolate frosting

Anyone Can Bake is the perfect, easygoing companion for anyone who loves the enticing smell of baking and could use a helpful hand in the kitchen. Its hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes show how to make everything from classic apple pie to triple chocolate cookies to restaurant-style Baby Lava Cakes and irresistible Chocolate-Almond Croissants.

How-to photos, helpful sidebars, and tips walk readers through any step that might appear tricky and answer questions such as, “What if I don’t have a rolling pin?” and “How do I combine wet and dry ingredients?” The recipes call for easy-to-find ingredients, standard kitchen equipment, and simple techniques that anyone can master.

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Unforgettable Desserts

November 27, 2009
tea cookies

Dessert is always a pleasure, but sometimes you want to up the ante a little, to make your guests utter a blissful sigh and lick their spoons. Packed with intriguing recipes and invaluable advice, Unforgettable Desserts helps you do just that.

Baking expert and cooking-show host Dede Wilson has created a collection of desserts that range from simple and elegant to exotic and extravagant. They are all absolutely unforgettable, and you don’t have to be a pastry chef to make them. In Wilson’s hands, even the simplest, homiest treats, like brownies and rice pudding, become showstoppers.

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New Classic Family Dinners

November 20, 2009
sausages and sauerkraut

For more than 10 years, acclaimed chef Mark Peel has used his restaurant Campanile’s Monday-night dinner menus to present his own special takes on popular comfort-food dishes, like eggplant parmesan and beef goulash. In New Classic Family Dinners, he shares recipes for more than 200 of his best-ever versions of such family favorites as Macaroni and Cheese with Wild Mushrooms, Steak with Anchovy Butter, and Monkfish Osso Bucco.

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So Easy

November 13, 2009

Ellie Krieger — the nutritionist host of the Food Network’s “Healthy Appetite” show — knows how daunting the idea of getting a healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table every day can be. With So Easy, Krieger offers a collection of meal solutions for those of us who love food and want to eat well, but struggle to make it happen.

In this practical and inspiring cookbook, you’ll find more than 150 of the light, nutrition-packed, and satisfying recipes Krieger is known for, organized by meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. With Krieger in your kitchen, you don’t have to choose between eating healthfully and eating fast.

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Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking

November 6, 2009
potatoes gratin dauphinois

Paula Wolfert is the premier expert on Mediterranean cuisines. In Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking, the self-confessed clay-pot “junkie” — having collected in her travels ceramic pots of all sorts, including cazuelas, tagines, baking dishes, bean pots, Romertopf baking dishes, French diablos, ordinary casseroles, and even Crock-Pots, which have a ceramic liner — shares recipes as vibrant as the Mediterranean itself, along with the delightful stories behind the earthy pots, irresistible dishes, and outstanding cooks she has met along the way.

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New American Table

October 30, 2009
parsley root soup

In his bestselling The Soul of a New Cuisine, Marcus Samuelsson returned to Ethiopia, the land of his birth, and explored the African continent’s rich diversity of cultures and cuisines through the recipes and stories he encountered on his travels. Now, in New American Table, Samuelsson takes you on a journey of the inspired food of the United States, his beloved adopted country.

Drawing on his own rich cultural heritage, Samuelsson has created an exciting tribute to the wide range of cultural influences and culinary traditions that have shaped modern American cuisine. New American Table presents Samuelsson’s interpretation of the food that has evolved from these diverse traditions — a contemporary, original, and uniquely American cuisine.

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The Elements of Life

October 23, 2009
thai red curry

The traditional Thai philosophy of diet and health involves eating meals planned around your “home element” — earth, water, wind, or fire — as well as the weather, time of day, and other factors. In The Elements of Life, award-winning author Su-Mei Yu explains this age-old philosophy and gives you information and recipes to help you prepare meals that will promote better physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

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Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes

October 16, 2009
african peanut soup

In Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes, Frankel shares more than 120 easy, enticing recipes for everyday meals and holiday favorites that make amazing use of the humble, ever-reliable slow cooker, including appetizers (hummus, kreplach), soup (pumpkin, chili), entrées (duck confit, stuffed cabbage rolls), side dishes (carrots, kasha), and desserts (poached pears, chocolate bread pudding).

With Frankel’s signature blending of flavor, convenience, and world-spanning influences, Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes presents a tantalizing collection of mouthwatering recipes that you can make for any meal, from the most casual family dinner to the most elegant celebration.

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