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  • Carol Noel Mar 30 12:12 PM - Comment
    commented on Killer Pumpkin Pancakes.

    I love these pumpkin pancakes and made savory pumpkin pancakes topped with cooked chopped greens and feta cheese...ymmy!

  • Carol Noel Jun 13 11:29 PM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    I have posted what I cook for my lab...and she thrives. BTW...we have 14 avocado trees and she is constantly eating avos... If they aren’t ripe she burys them! She is 9 and hasn’t died, not even once! Avos are not poisonous...just very fattening!

  • Carol Noel Apr 27 9:06 AM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    I had always believed the info re: avocados for dogs, until we moved to Hawaii and we have 14 avocado trees. Our dog (lab mix) eats them all of the time...and she slims down for the few months there are none ripening and she has eaten her ‘stash’. Yes, if they aren’t ripe enough, she buries them until they are perfect. Most dogs here are avocado maniacs...cats too! Thelma is in very good health, has a beautiful coat ... but she gets a bit chubby during the season. She also loves bananas, tangerines, sweet oranges, macnuts, mangoes, Surinam Cherries etc. etc. etc. Lychees and Longans are some of her favorites....

  • Carol Noel Apr 18 9:48 AM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    #80...I think it depends a lot on how much exercise does he get and what you put in his food.... My labrador mix has slimmed down a bit because mostly I put vegetables and meat. I also get cheap bones and simmer them a long time with acid in the water (vinegar, lemon juice etc) to leach calcium out of the bones...then make her food with that water. I think the healthier the food, the better for all of us. I use the stems of my kale and spinach, the rind/seeds/flesh of a big squash we have here like pumpkin...shredded carrots etc.

  • Carol Noel Apr 16 9:35 AM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    Your comments are well taken, Candace...but who’s to say the vegetables we feed our pets are not organic...or that the fruit mine eat is not organic. In fact, in my case they are. I DO have a problem finding grassfed beef so I don’t feed my dog organ meats as that is where all the nasty stuff is stored and filtered. We are not all ‘uneducated’...we are simply doing what we can with the sources available!!!


  • Carol Noel Apr 7 4:28 PM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    I thank you all for the great information in these posts. Thelma - a big labrador type mix - is 9 years old and since I have been supplementing her Senior Dog Food she has lost weight and looks so much better!!! I chop up everything we don’t eat (the chard and kale stems, some brocs, sprouts etc.), brown rice or oatmeal and vege.water. Ground flax seed goes on top...with perhaps a poached or scrambled egg twice a week. I think I will try the ground up eggshells...maybe 1/2 of my calcium tablet. I get whatever ground chicken or turkey is on sale.... She likes it and it makes me happy to do it!!!

  • Carol Noel Aug 12 11:16 PM - Comment
    commented on Hawaii.

    There are so many local products..not just commercial ones but foods like Maui Mangos right now, the Sugarloaf Pineapples from Puna...the list goes on!!!

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