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James Berry Sweating in the heat.
Kim Loving "The Flavor Bible". Do you know this book? I'm convinced every cook should own it.
Caroline Cummins frustrated that not a single recipe (out of four made in a single day) worked out.
Liz Crain I can't believe I haven't!! I'm sorry I'm in admin. right now I'll add it!
joanmenefee overwhelmed with garden bounty--carrots, potatoes, squash, apples...I know I shouldn't complain, but this is not a time of year I like to spend in the kitchen. The woods! The woods!
KAB Just uploaded the first blog post in over a year (blushing here), but it's a good one: Green Garbanzo and Tomato Curry!
Katherine Deumling Realizing just how much work it is to teach cooking classes. . . .
cafemama about to plant more spinach, lettuce, and peas because it seems like time!
tnshadylady Trying to get my friends signed up but the emails aren't going through :-(
hohana next weekend: baked penne with vodka sauce and chicken sausage
Hilary Cable Making shopping list for tortilla Espanola con aioli for a potluck at work tomorrow
asides I am planning for potato soup and bread.
vesperlight Indulging in fresh produce...cauliflower...pears...citrus.
lavande strawberry shortcake!

Displaying friends 1 - 20 of 45.

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