Kimchi Query: To rot is naught. (Humor & Recipe)

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December 18, 2012

Dear La-te-da:
A once dreaded, now favorite, Kimchi has always been not only a favorite since the beginning of time, but a part of life; I must eat this to live. So, what is this about Kimchi being a “rotten” cabbage? Made with Fish Sauce? Hardly, it is a misconception adopted by Western “traditions”, or moreso abrupt conclusions through association of smells; so, death? To ferment is to denature components of a resource, whereas rotting is the decomposition or decay, for better choice of words, of a resource.

“Kimchi is rotten cabbage?” negative, “red rider,” to rot is naught. The article not only entails it as being a very healthful and tasty product of Korea, it is most certainly not rotten, and its versatility speaks for itself; Kimchi stew; Kimchi ramen; savory pancakes and crepes; sweet piquant sauces; the amalgamation of desserts. The possibilities are almost endless with this dish and creative, or not, chefs and cooks of the world. So, it is obvious and undoubtfully correct to say Kimchi is not rotten cabbage, it is a pickled item; who in god’s name would eat rotten cabbage. The article, with a bit of humor as is suiting, and informativeness does not only interest readers at sight of topic--Kimchi: Rotten Cabbage Made with Fish Sauce?!-- it’s a good time to read and clears out any confusion preventing people from trying something “new.” Down with reluctance and long live revelation of Food.

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