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Good cooks know intuitively that salt, sugar, and fat make food taste good. Health advocates are justifiably concerned when we over indulge on sodium, added sugars, and solid fats. Both perspectives are valid, but a myriad of options exists between irresponsible indulgence and deprivation. Using discretion and nutrition savvy, the cook is in a powerful position to provide benefit to friends, family, or customers one meal at a time. My approach is called Gourmet Metrics and your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.




New York City

Favorite Foods

Anything fresh, local, seasonal, authentic

Favorite Food Writers

Harold McGee, Claudia Roden, La Cucina Italiana, Salt to Taste, The Cheese Chronicles, ish without a Doubt, Mike Colameco

Dream Dinner Guests

People who love to eat and who love food

I call myself a…

By temperment a FOODIE. By trade a DIETITIAN

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  • Gourmet Metrics Jan 9 3:04 PM - Comment
    stored a recipe for
  • Gourmet Metrics Apr 7 10:31 AM - Split
    stored a recipe for
    Risotto Milanese
    Risotto Milanese
  • Gourmet Metrics Mar 11 7:10 AM - Comment
    commented on How to eat less meat.

    To JS Seattle. Can’t go wrong by filing the plate with fruits, vegetables, and non-gluten grains. Some confusion comes, perhaps, because from a nutrition perspective, fruits and vegetables actually are carbohydrates. However, the “carb comment” refers specifically to the government recommendations from the Pyramid through MyPlate to make carbohydrates the major source of calories and the confusion this recommendation has caused. Some have argued that the recommendation to eat more carbs has actually fueled the obesity epidemic.

  • Gourmet Metrics Mar 4 3:04 AM - Comment
    left a fridge note for Patricia
  • Gourmet Metrics Mar 4 3:03 AM - Comment
    commented on How to eat less meat.

    Patricia makes a really good point. Anyone else want to weight in on this one?

  • Gourmet Metrics Mar 4 2:53 AM - Comment

    White Whole Wheat Flour

    Just made up a batch of fettuccine and it works really well Fresh Pasta

  • Gourmet Metrics Feb 12 6:23 AM - Comment
    commented on New awareness about fats.

    Thank you for addressing what I like to call THE GREAT FAT DEBATE. As a dietician, I know how to calculate how much fat I actually eat and my daily numbers run about 35% to 45% calories from fat. I cook every day, use lots of vegetables dressed in olive oil, and love butter, though I use it in moderation just in case ... My protein component comes from moderate amounts of meat, fish, and chicken along with legumes, beans, lentils. And every time I run my numbers through an official site, I get nasty messages saying I need to eat more carbohydrates. But I have never had a sweet tooth and see no reason to develop one now. What I tell my clients is that one diet does not fit all, that some people are fat sensitive while others are carbohydrate sensitive, and I try to explain both sides of the controversy. In my observation, however, it is the carbohydrate sensitive people that are the most prone to weight gain.

  • Gourmet Metrics Jan 26 7:16 AM - Comment
    commented on The evolution of fresh food.

    Good ideas never go out of style. Checked our blog site. Nice work!

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