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  • John Manship Jan 11 2:36 AM - Comment
    commented on In defense of vermouth.

    Thanks Margarette, fantastic article - not only the topic, but your great sense of humor! Really enjoyed this, agree that it´s time to switch out that ancient half-empty bottle of vermouth in my liquor cabinet. Thanks again!

  • John Manship Jan 5 7:15 AM - Comment
    commented on Make treats for your dogs.

    Thanks, this is very informative! I prepare my dog´s food, but confess that the base of this is quality dried dog food.

    I too save all scraps from trimming meat and chicken (might even throw in a whole boneless breast ´accidentally´ now an then for my Woffer). A vet gave me this recipe which is healthy for dogs;

    Use either your low fat beef and poultry trimmings, boiled and cut up into small pieces, or use ground beef. Mix 1 cup boiled ground beef with 4 cups cooked, cool rice and 1 cup cottage cheese. Keep in fridge. When serving Fido, mix a half cup of this mixture with a serving-sized portion of dried dog food. Other alternative meats I make this with are chicken hearts/gizzards.

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