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  • Janeen Smith Jun 13 10:11 PM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    I am needing an easy dog treat recipe for my Boston Terrier. I tried a liver recipe last week and she spit it out. We just moved overseas and Skooter is having horrible skin allergy problems. She was having it in the States before we moved overseas...which now I am realizing has probably been from her food. Most of the dogfood the vet here has fish oil in it and she refuses to eat it. She went three days without eating...would just sniff and walk away from the bowl. I really messed up and bought Puppy Chow which she scarfs down, but now the allergies have intensified. After doing so much research I know it is her diet and we are going to a home-made diet today! I just need to find an easy recipe for a treat.

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