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I am a fairly good “plain cook”. I’m not fancy except for the few things I have learned to cook from cooking shows. I am currently the Tea Examiner for Examiner.com. I am working with other cooks and chefs to create recipes with tea and for foods that go with tea, including herbal tea.
I live in an apartment with almost know kitchen. I have less than a foot of counter space on each side of my sink, an apartment size stove, virtually know usable storage area.
I have no blender or food processor. I have a tiny hand-held mixer. I use the bedroom my daughter moved out of to store my baking supplies and canned goods.
I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. People are going to have to bring a folding chair and a folding T.V.tray if they want to sit and eat. Luckily there are only six of a plus a four-month-old baby.




Long Beach, CA

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Favorite Foods

TEA, chocolate, shrimp that has not been frozen, Mexican food, authentic Asian food

Favorite Food Writers

Julia Child, Emril, the person who wrote the Tasajara Bread book, Paula Dean is a guilty pleasure. My mother and my grandmother, who never wrote it down but taught me, James Beard

Dream Dinner Guests

Alfred Hitchcock, walter cronkite, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Janice Joplin, Barbara Walters, Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin, Julia Child, Robert B. Parker and his wife, Joan, Stanley Kubric, Guinevere Pendragon

I call myself a…

Love of tea and tea food, foodie, good plain cook

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Cooking and writing

From Margaret Studer — Blog by
May 2, 2010

It seems that when I cook, I mean really, really, cook, there is not enough time to write. When I write, or at least when I write to the best of my ability, I do not have time enough to cook the way I want to. I am a food writer, so that creates a problem.

Ate at Kafe Neo yesterday. Vegetable omelet was not the way it was described on the menu. The vegetables were chopped so small that I could not tell what they originally were. I felt they must have had chopped vegetables in a bin waiting to be tossed into an omelet. Also, there were no olives as stated on the menu and no herbs or flavoring of any kind. I did, however, discover graveira cheese, which was good.

No recipes from the Tea Spot Chef this week, but I need to get busy and Fritter some of her other recipes.

Also, The Republic of Tea has tea seed stir fry oil. I am itching to try it, but it is $10.00 for the smaller bottle.

I bought 3 cookbooks at the dollar bookstore last week, one by Emril Lagasse and one by Graham Kerr. Emril’s is about Christmas cooking in New Orleans. I will never cook anything from the book. I just like reading it. The Graham Kerr is his Minimax book, the one in which he reduces the fat and calories in gourmet foods by altering the recipes.

I signed up for Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution newsletter. Now if we just can make sure people can afford the ingredients, that would be great.


From Margaret Studer — Blog by
April 25, 2010

Vegetables are beautiful and very healthy. I want to serve them a lot more, but in my teeny, tiny kitchen, vegetable preparation can be awkward.
I have about 8 inches of counter space on each side of my sink.

I also wonder why great vegetables such as asparagus are so expensive when the government is trying to get us to eat more vegetables.

I think my daughter is very lucky that I lost my job so I can cook for her and take care of her baby when she is born, but I do not know how I will do it all.

This site still confuses me

From Margaret Studer — Blog by
February 5, 2010

I need to spend an afternoon here. There are so many recipes that look fabulous. I want to save them all even though I don’t think I’ll ever cook them.

I collect recipes the way some people collect art. I collect them just to have them and know that they’re there.

I love food, but I love it way too much. If I cooked and ate everything I ever wanted to cook, I’s be so fat I’d have to lie in bed all day, if I could make it to the bed.

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