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  • Gourmet Metrics Mar 4 3:04 AM - Comment
    I agree. More carbs is not my way either.
  • Patricia Feb 29 3:43 PM - Comment
    commented on How to eat less meat.

    It seems to me that a good portion of the tips ask us to add carbs to make up for lessening the meat protein.I don’t think that is the way I wish to go.

  • Patricia Jul 20 8:05 PM - Comment
    commented on Garden smackdown.

    Not just rosemary, Amanda. There are a lot of “decorative” artichoke plants in the lansdscapes of California. Lately I have seen Cardoon, but must say those are usually just for the flowers. Here in Santa Rosa there are a lot of front yard gardens and they are not a new thing.

  • Patricia Feb 23 1:42 PM - Comment
    added to favorites
    Very Spicy, Delicious Chickpeas
  • Patricia Sep 6 7:33 AM - Comment
    commented on Bacon Fried Rice.

    The title caught my attention as it reminded me of a moment a long time ago when we encountered a Chinese restaurant in New Jersey that served fried rice which had been cooked in bacon fat! Ugh.
    Now, if it had not have been a Chinese restaurant and if they had had your recipe, life would have been a lot different.
    Can’t wait to try yours.

  • Patricia Aug 19 7:25 AM - Comment
    commented on When an oeuf is enough.

    Loved it, let us have more from this talented writer.

  • Patricia May 19 5:48 PM - Split
    commented on Meat: quality over quantity and Gourmet on a budget.

    Good tips Ms Meyers.
    Last time we went through the penny pinching days (the 70’s)a generation of cooks were thumbing through their copy of Merle Ellis’ book Cutting Up in the Kitchen. Mr Ellis died just recently and I know I(and others)took a moment in my blog to remember how much help his book had been.
    Find the book if you can and you will learn to pick up that perfect,on sale,chuck roast that will give you a couple of small but delightful steaks as well as pot roast or stew for the rest. He taught us all how to “break” a piece of meat sold over the counter in a plastic wrap, into something very nice.

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