Me And My Food!

From Rita Jacobs — Blog by
December 3, 2012

My mother was a horrible cook, my grandmother on my father’s side was an amazing one. I always cared about nutrition and healthy eating. I was a fat child. I went threw a faze of loosing weight in unhealthy ways as I became a teen. My dad took a belt and made me eat. I looked in the mirror one day and had a moment of clarity where I saw how underweight I was and began eating again.

I was careful to maintain my weight and not gain too much before going on a diet so I didn’t get bigger than a size 12 until I had children. My first whole food diet was GFCF for my autistic daughter. It was great I lost weight. I ended up living with my ex for awhile and he didn’t believe in GFCF and I ballooned. I ended up weighing 235 pounds and my baby was starting school. When I moved back out, I went on Atkins. It took years with occasional cheats to reach 135 pounds. My butt shriveled up and I looked older from my skin be loose.

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Real Food Challenge!

From Rita Jacobs — Blog by
December 3, 2012

As I read about ethical food, organic food, buying locally, and many other food concerns it strikes home that my sister on foodstamps can’t eat this way. Does my working sister have time and energy and resources to provide her child with whole foods at the very least? The answer is no. Did anyone take the time to write a guide for getting the most out of your foodstamps? Did anyone say please don’t buy processed foods until they are required to label GMO’s. Does anyone care about the participation of the poor in any food movements? I’m not talking about wealthy people buying the poor food here. I’m talking about voting with the dollars you have, in the way that you can, and best meeting your families nutritional requirements. I want to talk to the Walmart shoppers who run in at midnight when their foodstamps come in.

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