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When not stressing about the amount of junk food my college freshman daughter has at her disposal, I try to pass the time writing about new and healthy food discoveries.


Burlingame, California

Favorite Foods

Molinari salame, single-origin South American dark chocolate, garlic-studded leg of lamb, and bloomy cheese

Favorite Food Writers

Alice Waters, Calvin Trillin

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  • Sophia Markoulakis Oct 17 9:31 AM - Comment
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  • Sophia Markoulakis Jun 16 3:51 PM - Comment
    commented on Asian greens.

    Allegro, try to remove any emerging flower heads. This will direct the plant’s energy to producing stronger leaves. Continually harvesting leaves before the plant is fully mature will also promote vertical growth. I think it might be time to sow seeds or plant new seedlings. Keep them planted in 2 month intervals and you’ll never run out. Maybe cut back on fertilizer too, which encourages too much growth.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Jun 15 9:42 AM - Comment
    Asian greens
  • Sophia Markoulakis Apr 27 12:11 PM - Comment
    commented on The heat is on.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about induction. I have total gas envy, but don’t have the line so I’m hoping induction will go down in price soon. Model info would be great.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Mar 21 1:53 PM - Comment
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  • Sophia Markoulakis May 24 1:43 PM - Comment

    baby turnips

    cafemama, recently wrote about baby turnips on Project Foodie. Check out my recipe ideas at http://www.projectfoodie.com

  • Sophia Markoulakis Mar 3 6:01 PM - Comment
    commented on Shirley O. Corriher.

    Fantastic, informative interview. We don’t hear enough about the science of recipe development—loved that angle of the article. She sounds like a wealth of knowledge.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Feb 26 2:19 PM - Comment
    commented on Radicchio.

    Ok, I’m becoming increasingly jealous of you Oregon residents as I toil away in San Francisco! I’ll have to scout some restaurants here who are serving grilled/roasted radicchio.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Feb 24 4:53 PM - Comment
    commented on Radicchio.

    It’s anywhere from $4 to $5 a lb. here in the Bay Area, but doesn’t add up to very much because of the weight factor. Each head shouldn’t cost more than $2. Not a bargain, but could be worse.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Feb 24 4:48 PM - Comment

    Sweet Potato-Pumpkin Curry Soup with Andouille Sausage

    Dug out a bag of cubed sweet potatoes from the freezer and combined them with sauteed onion and garlic, leftover pumpkin puree from Culinate’s pumpkin cookies, chicken broth, curry powder, and ground aleppo chile. Will simmer, puree, and serve with sliced grilled andouille sausage.

  • Sophia Markoulakis Feb 24 4:43 PM - Comment
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  • Sophia Markoulakis Feb 6 12:57 PM - Comment
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