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  • Susanne Broe-Vayda Nov 15 4:16 AM - Comment
    commented on Red Quinoa and Pumpkin Seed Pilaf.

    Hmm.. sounds like a wonderful recipe, except for the large amount of cilantro required. Any suggestions for a substitute for cilantro, for those people who think it tastes like soap?

  • Susanne Broe-Vayda Oct 20 7:32 PM - Comment
    commented on A child's place is in the kitchen.

    How about cultivating math skills? When baking, ask your children how they would measure the flour or sugar if you lost the one cup measure? (I actually did lose ours!) If you need to measure 1 1/2 cups, you could fill the 3/4 cup two times, or the 1/2 cup three times, etc. Children who bake have fewer problems understanding the concept of equivalent fractions!

  • Susanne Broe-Vayda Feb 11 4:55 PM - Comment
    added to favorites
    Tarragon Caper Mayonnaise
  • Susanne Broe-Vayda Dec 30 8:20 AM - Comment
    commented on Danish Christmas Rice Pudding With Berry Compote.

    Hmmm..interesting recipe. I have made the authentic version of this dish for many years now - after my mother, in turn, made it every year for Christmas. I totally disagree with the addition of Cranberries - yech! What a bad idea! The richness of the cherries is completely necessary to the flavours of this dish - what is it with the current mania for putting cranberries in everything? Also, the sugar is totally unnecessary - unless you add tart cranberries, I guess - but again, why? Finally, we don’t use vanilla extract- instead, a whole vanilla bean, split, so that the black seeds can combine with the rice and whipped cream, luscious, wonderful, mmmmm.
    From the final paragraph by the Culinate editor:
    “And the folding-in-whipped-cream step is a lovely thing, but you can also skip it and still feed five dinner guests dessert.” - Millions of Danes would disagree - Skip the whipped cream, add cranberries, use extract instead of the real vanilla bean, but please don’t call it Danish - because it has been altered so much to be unrecognisable!!! Call it rice pudding with cranberries instead.

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