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  • Virginia Bruce Jun 24 4:19 PM - Comment
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    Brown Butter-Hazelnut Crackers
  • Virginia Bruce Jun 25 2:49 PM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    We have recently modified the food we give our liver-compromised dog. Instead of mixing the chicken into the grain & veggie mix, we make up tubs of that for freezing, and then cook the chicken a couple of pieces at a time to add in.

    The mix in the tub stays fresh longer, and we always know that the chicken is fresh and good for him.

    We mix that with half good kibble to make sure he’s getting all the other good stuff.

  • Virginia Bruce Apr 2 12:26 PM - Comment
    commented on Kitchen thrift.

    Sometimes I think that some of the more complex recipes started out as a way to use up leftovers! First make this, and then make that, and then combine them this way...

  • Virginia Bruce Mar 29 10:46 AM - Comment
    commented on Kitchen thrift.

    I think it’s way more creative to take all the stuff in your fridge that needs to get used up, plus whatever needs to be picked from the garden, and make it into something delicious, than to slavishly follow a recipe, where you have to go and buy stuff you may never use again.

    When I’m ready to make dinner, I “interview” the stuff in my fridge to see what will work! Rarely does some leftover go bad before it finds its way into another dish (or just gets eaten for lunch...)

  • Virginia Bruce Mar 28 5:42 PM - Split
    commented on Kitchen thrift and Going to the dogs.

    for a lot of leafy veggies, I almost treat them like 2 different things. I strip the leaves off the stems (hold them by the stem end, and run your fingers up to pull off the leaves -- works great on Kale, beets, chard & others) and then finely chop the stems. Saute them with a little oil, and then put the chopped tops on top of them to steam. Just let them cook slowly until the tops are cooked. No extra water needed.

    My mom grew up on a farm, and then got married during the depression, so I too learned a lot about frugality from her. Thanks, mom!

  • Virginia Bruce Mar 19 12:17 PM - Comment
    commented on Middle Eastern Chard and Lentil Soup.

    I always strip the leafy part from the stems of all my greens, and then treat them almost as 2 different vegetables. You can remove the woodiest part of the stem (it will often break easily at that point, like you do when snapping asparagus) then chop them in short pieces, and cook them a little longer so they’re tender. Then use the greens later in the process. That way you’re not throwing away so much good food.

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