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  • Zanne Miller Mar 19 3:06 PM - Comment
    commented on Make the cannoli.

    Thanks for commenting! The ricotta I purchased at the (boutiquey) supermarket was considered “the good stuff,” that is, in the fancy cheese section, sold in a slice, and from a local dairy.... I agree with you that the stuff in the plastic tubs, while good for lasagna, would be a runny mess.
    It would be SO NICE to have an italian grocer near where we live. I’m pretty sure the closest one is in Portland, about 100 miles from here...

  • Zanne Miller Feb 22 11:20 AM - Comment
    Make the cannoli
  • Zanne Miller Jan 14 1:51 PM - Split
    commented on Baking alternatives and Baking alternatives.

    P.S. For the sake of completeness--there’s also the consideration of cross-contamination in the kitchen. In short-- it’s important to use clean pans, utensils, and maintain a separate “allergy free” area in the kitchen when preparing allergy-free foods alongside those that are not, especially when the allergy is severe. I live with this every day such that it’s become second nature, so again, many thanks to Sheila for the reminder!!

  • Zanne Miller Jan 7 9:24 AM - Comment
    Baking alternatives
  • Zanne Miller Mar 29 8:11 AM - Comment
  • Zanne Miller Feb 2 5:10 PM - Comment
    commented on Don't fear the risotto.

    Hi Kim: I got this book for Christmas in 1999, read it and loved it, and then (until yesterday when I found the recipe on Culinate) forgot how wonderful it was. It’s back on the counter.. I think I’ll try something from it again this weekend.

  • Zanne Miller Feb 2 2:59 PM - Comment
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Don’t fear the risotto

From Zanne_Miller — Blog by
February 2, 2009

I was going to make risotto on Saturday night, but when I looked at the recipe I had, which was something along the lines of “lovingly caressing each grain before putting it into the exact-temperature olive oil after removing each little bit of onion and then adding eight teaspoons of stock (also at a precise temperature) at fifteen minute intervals all while singing a lullaby in Italian,” I decided we would have some good old unfussy orzo for dinner.

But then I found Viviana La Place’s recipe for Red Wine Risotto on Culinate, not such a production, and decided to give it a try yesterday. I didn’t make this recipe exactly (I was experimenting with garlic and red peppers), but the simplicity of it--sautee herbs/seasonings, add wine, add water, stir-- was a lot less intimidating. You do have to stir constantly, but that meant a chance to stand still.

I think risotto is my new favorite food.

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