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  • caleb bo baleb Sep 10 11:52 PM - Comment
    commented on Fig Chutney.

    We’re still making this recipe every year. I don’t think I ever let it cook four hours. I wait until it is dark brown and most of the liquid is gone, 2 hours maybe.

  • caleb bo baleb Aug 14 10:06 PM - Comment
    commented on coriander, nutmeg and white wine sausage.

    Next time I would add more garlic - I can’t detect it at this level. Ditto nutmeg, though I think the coriander is really suppoed to be the star here (and it is). I would consider also reducing the salt, but am waiting on comments from the family.

    The first time I made this I used a dry reisling because it was cheap. A sweeter white wine like a reisling or gewürztraminer.

  • caleb bo baleb Aug 14 10:02 PM - Comment
  • caleb bo baleb Apr 12 10:07 AM - Comment
    commented on Stock answers.

    Saving shrimp shells sounds right up my alley - do you have a recipe?

  • caleb bo baleb Jan 19 10:00 PM - Comment
    saved a new recipe for
    meat balls
  • caleb bo baleb Apr 16 12:02 AM - Comment
    commented on Pork Day 2011.

    great! I’ve got one in the basement, for about six months now (it stays about the same temperature year round), but it hasn’t lost much weight and is still on the squishy side.

    my plan is to leave it alone until it has lost 1/3 to 1/2 of its weight. i am really curious, how you will tell if it is done, if there is some objective criteria you are using, ie, not just “ask fred”? it is okay if you want to answer in your column.

  • caleb bo baleb Apr 15 1:18 PM - Comment
    commented on Pork Day 2011.


    It has been over a year since this post. How did that prosciutto turn out?

  • caleb bo baleb Feb 24 9:55 AM - Comment
    commented on Do-over fever.

    I had a simliar experience with grape jelly a few years ago. In my case, what I thought was going to be 16 jars turned out to be 12, but what jars they were!

    Did you find you had some extra jars afterwards?

  • caleb bo baleb Aug 21 6:23 PM - Comment
    commented on Gin and tonic in three acts.

    Oh no! I have been making g&ts with way too much lime. I do like a gimlet though, so maybe that’s why I didn’t mind. Question: now that I am all out of limes, is it okay to substitute lemon? Or should I just make a different drink?

  • caleb bo baleb Apr 6 10:06 AM - Comment
    commented on In defense of shelling peas.

    I always have a problem with pea weevils with all peas, and with shelling peas it is the worst. After reading this I am thinking maybe I plant them too late and leave them on the vine too long. But I still want to wait a few years before trying again. Any tips for dealing with these little fellers?

  • caleb bo baleb Mar 8 10:44 PM - Comment
    commented on Take that, Michael Pollan.

    Interestingly, my browser calls out Zester Daily as malware - is Zester poisoning my computer, or has it just been labeled that way as part of this food culture battle?

    I think it is always healthy to pick apart Michael Pollan - at least it shows you are reading carefully.

  • caleb bo baleb Nov 4 10:27 AM - Comment
    commented on Language abuse.

    I demand my food be labeled accurately, but abhor them being applied to myself.

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