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  • frances roehm Sep 19 8:34 PM - Comment
    commented on How to make perfect polenta.

    When I make polenta, I use Bob’s Redmill Corn Grits. I use a double boiler. I set water to boil in the lowerhalf. Then add 1 cup of corn grits to three cups of cold water, 1tsp kosher salt and a drizzle of olive oil into the top half. Cover and set over lower pan.Lower the heat to medium when the polenta starts to thicken I stir when I think about it. It takes about an hour. Have never had clumps or complaints about this method. At the end I add in other ingredients like Romano cheese or butter and fried sage leaves. It is really good reheated for breakfast with a softboiled egg or two. Buon Apetit!

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