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  • Ana Camacho Nov 22 12:32 PM - Comment
    commented on Going to the dogs.

    Reading over the comments...I can’t believe so many animals are having problems with manufactured foods. Not to mention that I just read yesterday about ethoxyquin being included in those foods. Just like all of you our household is not exempt. I have a Morkie and a Shih Tzu and both have shown sensitivity to all poultry, potatoes including yams and grains. I’ve had them on Natural Balance, Wellness, Primal, maybe others I don’t remember and now on Great Life lamb and Party Animal lamb. These last two are so far the only foods they can eat and they aren’t scratching and biting, However, lately they don’t want to eat it. I can’t buy any treats for my dogs because they all have poultry or potatoes. I’d love to make homemade food for them so I am sure that they are getting only wholesome food. I’ve taken books out from the library, but they all include ingredients I can’t use. Also I was told that homemade food is not enough and should have some ground up bones in it as well. Is this true? My Morkie recently was found to have blood in her urine with crystals and high ph. Is the can food causing this? I currently have all of my animals on probiotics and give my dogs plain yogurt, could any of this cause her problem? I don’t use flea treatments other than Capstar when it’s really necessary. I’m afraid to give them rice since about 11 years ago I had a Shih Tzu and she got a skin irritation from eating it. Is there anything else that can be used? Any other suggestions??? I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

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