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  • jillblevins Sep 12 6:52 PM - Comment
    commented on The family chef.

    I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat from this tender, sweet story that brought back memories of my own children and their adventures in cooking. This author is an amazing writer and even better mother to have nurtured such an amazing son.

  • jillblevins Apr 8 3:39 PM - Comment
    commented on Good enough.

    The only thing I’ve truly enjoyed that has anything to do with molecular gastronomy is Richard Blais. A truly humble and yet spectacularly brilliant chef who won Top Chef All-Stars, and the ironic part? Never tasted a single thing he’s ever made.

    What’s that say?

  • jillblevins Mar 31 10:50 AM - Split
    commented on Mark Winne and Farm food.

    With people like Mark Winne, we’re all winning.

    Information is the key to unlock the polarizing deadlock paralyzing democracy.

    Wow - did I write that? This article has done wonders for my intellect already.

  • jillblevins Dec 15 1:25 PM - Comment
    commented on Bake a lot?.

    Not feeling you regarding the insulated baking sheets. The day I bought those was the first day of no more burnt cookies. I guess if you have a parchment paper budget, which I don’t, and a big kitchen in which to store it, also - no, then regular aluminum pans are okay.

  • jillblevins Dec 1 2:05 PM - Split
    commented on Isa Chandra Moskowitz, Eating again, and Brain food.

    Oh I have my boxing gloves on now, ready to back you up, excited to be on your side, and happy to have people like you to follow down the path.

    That’s how change is made: one person who won’t back down, inspiring a few others who, in turn, inspire more and more.

    There are more “mostly” vegans around than most people notice. You find them at Thanksgiving, like I did, politely turning down the turkey and not making a big deal about it.

  • jillblevins Nov 10 3:01 PM - Comment
    commented on Bee love.

    Great information about the little ladies largely responsible for our food supply. The whole time I lived in Oregon, we were so transient that couldn’t have bees. Now that I’m in San Francisco, in an apartment, we’re putting one up on the roof. Never say never, right?

    Share the bee “buzz.”

  • jillblevins Oct 13 2:10 PM - Comment
    commented on 'What I Eat' for you.

    Someone with previous food issues could really take this to another level, but instead of worrying over how much more, and how weirder I eat, I’ll enjoy the idea of this book. We really don’t think about food, in a healthy, conscious way.

    For me: 2 cups Kenyan coffee with 1/2 and 1/2, 2 home-made oatmeal pancakes, 1 plum. Next round: zucchini bread with peanut butter and an apple, and a home-made chocolate cupcake. Later it was: stove-popped popcorn, green beans and tomatoes, 2 slices walnut bread with tillamook cheese. I snacked on the leftover pancake during the day but I don’t recall exactly when. Compared to the rest of you, I feel like a pig even though I weigh 103. Does it count that I ran 6 miles, walked 5 and did 1/2 hour of weights, too?

  • jillblevins Sep 8 1:04 PM - Comment
    commented on Table Talk: September 9.

    Shout-outs for welcoming Bill Marler and educating more people about real dangers in our world. You both are fighting good battles in your own way, and my family and friends and I support you even if we don’t comment and vocalize as much as we ought to.

  • jillblevins Aug 19 11:27 AM - Comment
    commented on Cookbook love story.

    If the electrical system goes down? Really? You’ll be cooking?

    As far as limiting access to information, well, you sound positively Fahrenheit 451ish.

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