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James Berry Sweating in the heat.
Kim Loving "The Flavor Bible". Do you know this book? I'm convinced every cook should own it.
Carrie Floyd I'm gathering recipes for Thanksgiving.
cafemama about to plant more spinach, lettuce, and peas because it seems like time!
vesperlight Indulging in fresh produce...cauliflower...pears...citrus.
Tiersa Rodell Making homemade chicken soup from last nights chicken dinner! It smells so good here!
Susan@MyLifesJoys I am making sauce today nad some fresh bread...later I will put together some Baked Stuffed Shells and some Cannelloni for company tomorrow. I love a rainy snowy day for cooking up comfort foods.
Deirdra Harris Glover Excited to be taking a friend from out of town to a Jackson institution.
ima_designer Now Cooking breakfast at Slate Street Cafe in Albuquerque M-F
DawnHeather Simmons Vesperlight, I must say I'm AMAZED at the price for which you found yor Vita-Mix. Well done! And I am ALWAYS in the mood for a shake!

Displaying all 17 friends.

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