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Food journalist and savvy chef Katherine Sacks lives life devoted to cooking, food and culinary adventure. Spend some time exploring food bites, culinary literature discussions, restaurant reviews, and recipe ideas with her. With emphasis on market fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple but engaging recipes and content, this is the perfect site for anyone looking for an escape into the kitchen.




Chicago, IL

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Favorite Foods

Honey dates, Seascape Strawberries, Elephant Heart Plums, Elderflower champagne cocktails, horchata popsicles, dark chocolate

Favorite Food Writers

Michael Pollan, jeffery steingarten, Amanda Hesser, Ruth Reichl, barry estabrook, Melissa Clark, sam sifton

Dream Dinner Guests

Julia Childs, James Beard, Ruth Reichl, Mario Batali, Antoine Carme

I call myself a…

pastry chef, crazy cook, culinary journalist, recipe tester, force de patisserie, lover of all things chocolate

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    commented on Peachy keen.

    Sugar level is definitely a key indicator of desirable flavor, but other elements like aroma as well as acidity matter. Depending on the variety, a great peach can balance all three. When shopping for peaches, especially at a farmers market or for organic fruit, color is a good measure of ripeness.

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