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  • kelly Oct 16 11:22 AM - Comment
    commented on Three-Fruit Marmalade.

    Fruit can really vary in size. When I developed this marmalade, the fruit I was using was medium to large sized. Fellow marmalade makers, adjust the recipe. Use 2 large or 3 small oranges; 2 large or 3 small lemons, and 1 large grapefruit.

  • kelly Oct 11 8:36 AM - Comment
    commented on How to make perfect polenta.

    Kenny, I wish I did have the recipe you describe. It sounds unique and emblematic of the creativity you find throughout Italian regional cuisines. Good luck!

  • kelly Nov 5 8:55 AM - Comment
    commented on Vegetable Fritters.

    Anonymous, I’m glad you enjoyed it. You hit upon what makes this recipe work--it’s mostly vegetable and not much else, and just enough egg to bind it.

  • kelly Sep 7 8:58 AM - Comment
  • kelly Sep 5 3:46 PM - Comment
    is now friends with
  • kelly Aug 13 9:29 AM - Comment
    commented on Catherine’s Carrot Cake with Cream-Cheese Frosting.

    For finely grated carrots, do I use the smaller holes on the box grater?

  • kelly Jun 8 10:41 AM - Comment
    commented on Cook; repeat; repeat.

    I am just beginning in professional culinary education, but I do like what my new boss expressed: that culinary schools seeking to provide value should know how to guide all kinds of students into a variety of food-related careers; culinary schools should think big, including and beyond the foundations of restaurant work. I would ask what kinds of jobs graduates are finding. Best of luck!

  • kelly Apr 26 10:25 AM - Comment
    Cook; repeat; repeat
  • kelly Mar 15 10:17 AM - Comment
    commented on Family fare.

    Nice essay, Caroline. I’ll never forget how alien it felt when old familiar recipes I used to make with a chef’s precision had to be made instead in fits and starts after my daughter was born.

  • kelly Feb 10 6:55 AM - Comment
    commented on Bean there.


    I have noticed the most important variable in bean cooking time, besides bean size, is how long they have been in storage and what the storage temperature is. I’ve had troubles with beans that had been out of the field for only a handful of months. But they had been stored somewhere quite warm. They were literally drying out even more. I always try to buy beans that seem like this year’s crop. That’s impossible to tell at a grocery store, but I’ve noticed that the pinto beans in New Seasons bulk section always cook up nice, and don’t take long. I think they have good turnover.

  • kelly Jan 9 9:22 AM - Comment
    left a fridge note for sundrah
  • kelly Jan 7 6:31 AM - Comment
    commented on The stewing hen: A culinary bonus.

    Sandy, I admit I have never used a pressure cooker. It sounds like you have, though. Would there be any reason not to use one on a stewing hen? I know pressure cookers greatly reduce cook times. A shorter preparation would help a lot, as I’m sure the prospect of an hours-long preparation deters many cooks.

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