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  • Rusty Wright Oct 26 8:59 PM - Comment
    commented on The romance — or not — of food.

    “are willing to drive hours for blue eggs from a favorite farm”

    Obviously someone very concerned about our planet.

  • Rusty Wright Oct 21 5:39 PM - Comment
    commented on Carob on its own merit.

    Instead of the name tofu, I prefer to use the name bean curd. Makes it even more gross sounding! (Even though I like tofu.)

  • Rusty Wright Oct 2 9:39 PM - Split
    commented on One-pot cooking and One-pot cooking.

    Here’s the latest, with black glutinous rice:

  • Rusty Wright Oct 1 12:12 AM - Comment
    commented on One-pot cooking.

    My favorite meal is 3/4 cup of red cargo rice, a mahogany red rice, from Thailand I think, with a chicken thigh on top, with a bay leaf or two, a piece of kombu seaweed, some cumin seeds, maybe some ajwain seeds, and cooked bain marie for 25 minutes in my pressure cooker. Sometimes I’ll substitute a hot spicy Italian sausage for the chicken thigh. Starchy and heavenly.

    Because I’m using the pressure cooker the chicken thigh or Italian sausage can go in frozen straight from the freezer.

  • Rusty Wright Aug 2 12:26 PM - Split
    commented on A whole-grain glossary, A whole-grain glossary, and Science and organic agriculture.

    Correction to my oat soaking; they soak for 24 hours. I start the next day’s batch soaking as soon as I use the current day’s batch. No need to remember to start them soaking in the evening. And they don’t sour or ferment (or sprout, but that could be a good thing) when in the fridge.

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