central NY

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bread, cheese

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my mother, Sarah, Barbara, James and others I actually know

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mindful foodie

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  • marcyincny Jun 11 4:50 AM - Comment
    commented on Ramp land.

    I was horrified to see ramps at Wegman’s this year, not just for sale but being actively promoted with a sampling table set up for several weeks. I had hoped that ramps would be one little lovely thing that I wouldn’t outlive...

  • Deborah Madison Feb 5 11:06 PM - Comment
    You did win the lottery! How wonderful that you found Red Fife right near you. I'm a little jealous, but very happy for you.
  • marcyincny Feb 5 9:50 AM - Split
    left a note for Deborah Madison and Deborah Madison
  • marcyincny Jan 27 5:25 PM - Comment
    commented on The beauty of breadcrumbs.

    Deborah, thank you for the info. You’ve encouraged me to up the proportion of Red Fife in my no-knead dough although I also consider the cost when I use it. I’ve been getting mine from Anson Mills who also offer my favorite whole wheat flour, what they call their colonial-style flour. I just find it amazing how many wheat varieties are available now and how different they can be in so many ways but it’s not always easy to find others who are trying them. Thanks again.

  • marcyincny Jan 26 7:08 AM - Comment
    commented on The beauty of breadcrumbs.

    I hope I’m not too late to comment or ask a question. I’m very interested in knowing how your efforts with the Red Fife turned out. Is there another article about it or will there be? Thanks.

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