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I write a blog about canning, pickling and preserving from my 20th floor apartment in the heart of Center City Philadelphia and teach canning classes around the city. I also make a wacky little food video podcast called Fork You with my husband. I’m originally from Portland, OR.




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  • marusula Jun 24 8:45 AM - Split
    commented on How to pressure-can stock and How to pressure-can stock.

    In my experience, the amount of time to pressure can stock does not change based on the ingredients you used to make it. Pressure canning works mostly on a principle of heat penetration. The density of your stock wouldn’t change, it’s still a thin liquid and so the time allotted for heat penetration wouldn’t need to vary. I can’t imagine it would be necessary to pressure can a thin liquid for 75 minutes.

  • marusula Mar 9 7:51 AM - Comment
    commented on How to pressure-can stock.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t use a jiggle-top pressure canner, so I don’t know whether the appropriate number of jiggles is a brand-specific thing or whether it is universal.

    Is there anyone who uses this style of pressure canner who could speak to the number of jiggles?

  • marusula Mar 5 10:04 AM - Comment
    commented on How to pressure-can stock.

    The defatting of the stock doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect. If I’m working with stock that hasn’t been cooled, I use a ladle to scoop off the floating layer of fat as best I can. If I have time and refrigerator space to cool it, I’ll do that (though admittedly, that’s a rare thing).

    The primary reason that I like to remove what fat I can is that I’ve found that on occasion, it can interfere with the development of a good seal, particularly if your jars do any siphoning (escaping of jar content as air is pushed out) during the pressure canning process.

  • marusula Mar 4 1:47 PM - Comment
  • marusula Feb 9 6:40 AM - Comment
    commented on How to take soup for lunch.

    Harriet, you’re preaching to the choir when it comes to pressure canning stock. I started doing it a couple of years ago and I excitedly sing the praises of the practice now to anyone who will listen.

    But thank you. I accept your welcome most happily!

  • marusula Feb 3 8:40 PM - Split
    commented on Split Pea Tom Yum Soup and How to take soup for lunch.

    Kathi, it’s a spice paste that you can get at most Asian markets. It adds a rich, spicy, almost curry-like flavor that is really delicious.

  • marusula Feb 3 10:29 AM - Comment
  • marusula Jan 20 7:09 AM - Comment
    commented on Bean-free chili.

    I’m so glad you’re both happy with this recipe! It really is quite delicious.

  • marusula Jan 11 12:49 PM - Comment
    commented on Bean-Free Chili Soup.

    Dear anonymous,

    In telling the story of my husband’s current diet, I was in no way passing judgment on legumes. I was simply trying to share the path I took to arrive at this particular pot of soup. I actually think it’s ridiculous to exclude beans from a diet that is trying to focus on real food and I told both my husband and his trainer just that when I found out that they were going to be eating like this for the month of January.

    The decision to eat or not eat a food is a distinctly personal one. In the end, the issue wasn’t about the beans so much as it was making a choice to either accept my husband’s diet restrictions or stop cooking for him for a month. So I set aside my frustrations over the diet and made some soup.


  • marusula Jan 10 8:13 AM - Comment

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