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  • oregon foodie Aug 17 6:50 AM - Comment
    commented on Full of beans.

    Loved this reflection about your kitchen life. I had been seriously considering getting a pressure cooker then read your article and realized that i love the slow life in my kitchen. I love cooking beans in my ceramic pot in the oven or putting on a braise that takes several hours to cook. I have the time so there is no need to hurry things up in the kitchen. Thanks for reminding me!

  • oregon foodie Jul 16 3:51 PM - Comment
    commented on Tart time.

    Oooh yummy! I live in Portland, have raspberries in my yard and homemade raspberry jam in the pantry. Can’t wait to ty this lovely simple tart. I also wanted to tell you, Deborah, that I made your Gingered Rhubarb Chutney for a large dinner party last night and got absolute raves. Thanks for a new favorite!

  • oregon foodie Dec 7 1:08 PM - Comment
    commented on Tried-and-true holiday food gifts.

    I’ve made the clemencello, preserved lemons and biscotti over the last few years (all to rave reviews -- thanks Carrie!). I have vanilla extract percolating in my garage at the moment. Do you have any tips on a good source for bottles in the Portland area? Yours in the photo are lovely.

  • oregon foodie Jun 29 1:51 PM - Comment
    commented on When you have a garden.

    You mentioned growing things which you also have in your pantry -- my husband sowed some of the farro from our pantry and now has lovely chest tall plants with gorgeous seed heads on top. It’ll be interesting to see how much we get from his 10x10 plot and it’ll be fun to have our own grain in the pantry instead of have to hunt it down at specialty stores.

  • oregon foodie Jun 9 8:16 AM - Comment
    commented on Of restaurants and householders.

    Funny, my sister and I were just talking about this last night. Though I have not held a paycheck-earning job for the last 20 years, I love my job as farmer, cook, cleaner, financial analyst, go-fer. I love sitting down to a healthy home-cooked meal at the table with candles and music every night, and sending my hsband off to work with a good lunch in his lunch box. I love the rows of jam, applesauce, fruit and vegetables and in my pantry and the containers of tomato sauce, pesto, raosted tomatoes, and stock in the freezer. The only time it gives me pause is when I meet someone new and they ask me what I do. My sister suggest I tell them “I make things.”

  • oregon foodie Feb 21 11:42 AM - Comment
    commented on Disappearing winter squash.

    Had to let you know, Deborah, that I’ve just ordered seeds from Seed Savers for Sibleys in addition to my usual Musquee de Provence. Can’t wait to see how they work out for me (I’m praying for a warm summer!). I have a Musquee on my kitchen counter right now. I’m going to cut it up and make all sorts of yummy wintery dishes since we’re expecting a bout of unusually cold weather here in Portland.

  • oregon foodie Jan 13 5:06 PM - Comment
    commented on Disappearing winter squash.

    I cut open my first Musquee de Provence, which I grew in my garden last summer. It was the smallest of the 3 (we had a crummy summer, weather-wise) yet yielded 14 lbs of pumpkin cubes! I roasted 2 lbs to top a lovely risotto and then used another 2 lbs in a soup with ceci (purchased from Jim Dixon who commented above)and cavolo nero (which I’m still cutting from my garden). I gave 2 lbs to my sister and the rest went into the freezer in zip top bags. And I still have 2 more, larger, Musquees in the garage! Interestingly, when I hit our farmer’s market on Sunday, there was a vendor with Musquee and Sibley’s he was selling by the piece.

  • oregon foodie Dec 15 11:08 AM - Comment
    commented on Frugal soup.

    I keep a soup bag in the freezer and add vegetable trimmings (carrot, celery and onion trimmings and ends, chicken necks, mushrooms that dried out because I kept them too long). When I roast a chicken for dinner (which is often, in the winter)the chicken carcass and pan drippings go in the bag, too. Then when I have time and want to heat up the kitchen, I make a pot of stock. It’s always a little different but always yummy.

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