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  • Pat Bitton Jun 6 1:21 PM - Comment
    commented on Linguine with Spring Vegetables and Orange-Saffron Butter.

    It sounds delicious, but if this is a spring recipe, I can’t help wondering where the bell peppers are coming from ... I’d substitute something else colorful that’s in season, like beets or carrots.

  • Pat Bitton Jun 29 1:45 PM - Comment
    commented on When you have a garden.

    My cardoon got completely out of control and is now 8 feet high with half a dozen flower-heads. But it’s kind of interesting to have a monster-plant, so it’ll probably stay where it is and get chopped down in the fall. After all, I know from experience it’ll be back next year!

    Oh, and I found a great recipe for carrot-top pesto the other day - another of those neglected vegetable elements ...

  • Pat Bitton Feb 9 2:30 PM - Comment
    commented on Tuscan Kale and White Bean Ragout.

    It sounds yummy but I’m allergic to tomato - any suggestions for substitution?

  • Pat Bitton Jan 26 12:54 PM - Comment
    commented on 52 Loaves.

    I leave tap water to evaporate the chlorine before feeding my sourdough starter. But it might be interesting to experiment with stream or other completely fresh water.

  • Pat Bitton Oct 13 12:51 PM - Comment
    commented on 'What I Eat' for you.

    I’m constantly amazed by the number of yummy meals people are able to make. Where does everyone find the time??? Here’s what I managed. I try to eat local as much as possible (and if not locally-grown, at least locally-processed).

    Oatmeal from Shakefork Community Farm with local honey and Humboldt Creamery Cream. Feral Farms’ freshly pressed apple juice. Sacred Grounds Peruvian Fair Trade coffee.

    Local Honey Crisp apple.

    Tuna salad sandwich on wheat bread.

    Perfect Foods’ peanut bar (my weakness)

    Frittata of dandelion leaves from my garden, Redwood Roots Farm onions, Warren Creek Farms red potatoes, and Huckleberry Farm eggs. Glass of Fieldbrook Winery Piccola.

  • Pat Bitton Sep 1 1:32 PM - Comment
    commented on Asian Pesto.

    I can’t get raw peanuts any more - our co-op won’t stock them since the contamination issues last year. Any substitution suggestions?

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