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  • pscheel Aug 20 11:40 AM - Comment
    commented on Table Talk: Aug. 20.

    Can the first commenter post the recipe for those brandy-spiced peaches? They sound amazing. This is my second summer of canning, just jams and an indian tomato chutney. I always loved getting jars of jams from both my grandmas. They used that layer of wax to preserve it, which seems to have fallen out of favor, but I always loved peeling off the chunk of wax.

  • pscheel Aug 12 12:27 PM - Comment
    commented on Making pasta at home.

    I’ve been making pasta at least weekly for the past couple of years and I always use the rule of 1/2 cup of flour and one egg per person, assuming pasta is the main course. I usually end up working in some more flour as I’m kneading so that it isn’t sticky, but that’s a good general guideline for starting and makes it easy to scale up or down.

  • pscheel Aug 6 5:59 AM - Comment
    commented on Cans Across America giveaway.

    I started making jams last summer and this summer I’ve gotten lazy - I no longer do a water bath, but just flip them upside down. If I had a proper canning pot, I’d still do it, but I only have a 7-quart Le Creuset, and it’s a pain to get jars in there. So, hopefully they won’t go moldy. It’s really fun though.

  • pscheel Jul 16 6:05 AM - Comment
    commented on Jewels of summer.

    Do you have any recipes for your jam or juice? I get currants in my CSA box and never know what to do with them. I want to love them, they are so pretty!

  • pscheel Jan 7 1:17 PM - Comment
  • pscheel Dec 19 12:17 PM - Comment
    commented on Butter Cut-Out Cookies.

    I make sugar cookies every year, but I am going to try this lemon icing next year because the icing is always my least favorite part about eating them. Thanks!

  • pscheel Dec 18 12:38 PM - Comment
    commented on Nibby Buckwheat Butter Cookies.

    I will definitely try these, if not for Christmas, then later on. I am all for less sweet cookies, too.

  • pscheel Dec 17 12:23 PM - Comment
    commented on Änisbrötli (Anise Cookies).

    These sound delicious, but the picture is not super clear to me. I don’t quite get how the slashing and forming into a crescent is supposed to work.

  • pscheel Dec 17 6:56 AM - Comment
    commented on Panforte Nero.

    Ooh, this looks so good. I love spicy cakes.

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