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  • simona Feb 2 9:06 PM - Comment
    commented on A winter romesco sauce.

    I like all your suggestions, in particular the addition of smoked paprika. I will certainly try the sauce. I may even have some frozen roasted peppers from last summer to use.

  • simona Aug 18 5:43 PM - Comment
    commented on An herb sauce to remember.

    I’ll definitely try this sauce, Deborah. I also have a nice patch of marjoram in my garden. And I can use my pickled nasturtium seedpods instead of capers.

  • simona May 16 6:13 AM - Comment
    commented on Oat Groats.

    What an interesting combination of ingredients, Amanda!

  • simona Dec 30 5:59 PM - Comment
    commented on Expectations squashed.

    Thank you, Deborah, for your answer: your words confirm my experience. I have an acorn squash in the oven right now and it is cut side down. Happy New Year!

  • simona Dec 24 7:59 AM - Comment
    commented on Expectations squashed.

    Every year I find new squash varieties to try and love it! This year I bought a mini version of butternut and a brown version of kabocha. I haven’t cooked them yet, because I am still in the hoarding phase. I am also surprised by the lack of delicata squash: it’s a favorite of mine and also the quickest one to roast. A question for you, Deborah. I have always roasted squashes cut side down, but this year I have seen recipes which instruct to do it cut side up. I tried doing that with an acorn squash and was not quite happy with the way it cooked. Do you have any insight/experience to share on this topic?

  • simona Mar 12 9:46 AM - Comment
    commented on Oat Groats.

    Definitely use it on other grains too, Deborah. I always toast whole-grain barley this way and I recently tried rye. Also quinoa acquires a nice flavor when toasted.

  • simona Mar 5 8:15 AM - Comment
    commented on Oat Groats.

    I toast the oat groats first, as explained in this post

  • simona Oct 25 12:00 PM - Comment
    commented on Big, special squashes.

    I had never seen a Sibley squash before the photo in your article and then yesterday I saw one at our farmers’ market. It is the first time the farmer grows it, and I may have been the first person to get one. When it comes to winter squashes, I am a hoarder. I cannot confess how many I already have, but I can say that, besides the Sibley, I got an Iranian squash of a lovely pink color that I cannot bring myself to cook quite yet.

  • simona Oct 17 9:19 PM - Comment

    roasted red pepper and almond dip

    I roasted Round of Hungary peppers (sweet) and garlic, blanched and toasted almonds, and made this dip.

  • simona Jun 9 2:29 PM - Split
    commented on A sad lovage story — and snakes! and In love with lovage.

    What a story, Deborah! I have actually never seen angelica around here, differently from chervil, but I certainly will keep an eye open for it. Are you going to plant more lovage?

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