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  • sj.breeze Aug 4 8:10 AM - Comment
    commented on When an oeuf is enough.

    I don’t know how the French survive without a good breakfast. It’s all breads and carbs and nothing that keeps you going until lunch! I was always starving by mid-morning. I did manage an ok meal schedule when I lived there: light breakfast, huge lunch, light dinner. But I wasn’t eating out at restaurants all the time, and my French host mother refused to have bread in the house!

  • sj.breeze Jul 24 8:51 AM - Comment
    commented on Jellied wine.

    I’ve wanted to try jellied wine since I saw a similar recipe in one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. It certainly looks refreshing and perfect for summer. I’ll have to try it as soon as I get rid of my case of ‘pine nut mouth’!

  • sj.breeze Apr 12 2:36 PM - Comment
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  • sj.breeze Feb 25 8:28 AM - Comment
    commented on Eating up 'Eating In'.

    My favorite most recent not eating out moment was last weekend, when I insisted on cooking for us even though we were tearing out the countertops, backsplash, sink, and faucet in the kitchen. That Malaysian curry was delicious, though, and it’s not so bad doing dishes in the bathtub.

  • sj.breeze Dec 18 6:01 PM - Comment
    commented on Cookbook love.

    The Bread Baker’s Apprentice!

  • sj.breeze Dec 3 8:43 AM - Comment
    commented on Get cracking.

    I’ll take extra fennel seed on mine! :-) Fine Cooking also has a great cracker recipe that I’ve been using, from the December ‘07 issue. It’s a mix of whole wheat and AP flour with a little olive oil that makes the dough nice and supple. People are so surprised when you tell them you’ve actually made crackers!

  • sj.breeze Nov 20 2:03 PM - Comment
    Beef Goulash
  • sj.breeze Nov 17 9:44 AM - Comment

    @ Kim

    Those are Pink Pearls!! I made a beautiful galette with them a while ago, but haven’t found any lately. Where did you get them?

    Kim Nov 17 2009, 10:19 AM
    OK, thanks! I found them at Food Front a week or two ago, but I’m not sure if they’re still there. They are gorgeous.
  • sj.breeze Nov 16 5:10 PM - Comment
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  • sj.breeze Nov 11 1:37 PM - Comment
    commented on Turkey triumph.

    Do what all the food magazines do, and write yourself a timeline--one for the days before Thanksgiving, and one for the day itself.

  • sj.breeze Nov 9 7:47 AM - Comment
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  • sj.breeze Nov 8 8:40 PM - Comment
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