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Susmita lives in Seattle with her two young boys, husband, and dog. Her day job is as a freelance consultant. Her “fun” job is blogging, cooking, and entertaining. Over the last few years, Susmita has become interested in sustaining the now thriving local farming community in the Puget Sound area, and she prides herself on knowing where to get the “good stuff” in this part of the country. She is aggressively trying to convert everyone she knows into a locavore.

Susmita’s passion is to redefine East Indian food as we have come to know it in the U.S.A. She loves to play with the alchemy of spices and adapt traditional Indian recipes to local fare. She has taught cooking classes at Whole Foods Markets and also teaches private classes in clients’ homes.

Susmita’s short term dream is to write a cookbook. Her big dream is to open a high-end Indian-inspired restaurant. You can read more about her adventures in her home kitchen on her blog, The Food We Eat.

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The CSA panic strikes -- again!

From Susmita Sharma — Blog by
March 10, 2009

You all might have heard about a CSA by now. You haven’t? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In a nutshell, you commit to buying your ‘share’ of produce from a local farm or group of farms, and each week you are blessed with a bag/box of farm fresh produce. Not just any farm fresh produce, but usually it is Organic, Sustainable, Local -- all those buzz words that even the Safeway shopper likes to utter (as they have a list of 100 reasons why they cannot join a CSA). This truly is a blessing - my 5 year-old has eaten more varieties of fruits and vegetables than sadly, most adults have in the United States. The mere words “honey, this is x (insert vegetable name) from the farm” is magic! He will try it. Not always like it, but hey, if you know 5 year-olds trying it is more than half the battle.

So, here is the bad news in all of this. Sometimes (ok many times) I feel hugely burdened with all this vegetal matter. Yes, I’ve read and reread Michael Pollan - Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. I get it! I love it! Plants are great! I am an omnivore, but I’d say 80% herbivore, 20% carnivore. So, what is exactly the problem here? Simply put - pressure! To finish up all of nature’s bounty before the next CSA share pick-up day.

Either my CSA is way too generous on portions, or I need to get the kids to eat more vegetables. Each week, we work our way through the salads, greens, vegetables, fruit. But then Wednesday arrives, I look at the refrigerator and panic sets in! We need to eat up these veggies! Tomorrow (Thursday) is my CSA pick-up day! More vegetables. More fruit! So, here’s the bad. I feel like a slave to my produce habit now. I guess I could give some away to my friends, but then I feel like I am cheating. Wasn’t I supposed to make sure our family consumed these plant offerings? What would Michael Pollan say?

I hope I am not the only one out there struggling to eat up my weekly produce blessings. If not, maybe we all need to write to the farms and ask for a bit less. Maybe it is a sign that even the few meals I eat out are a few too many. Eat Food. Not much. Mostly Plants......

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