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  • zegg Jul 13 9:56 AM - Comment
    commented on The vegan barbecue.

    Although I’m not a strict vegan, I love to grill vegetables, and I’ve recently given up red meat: a portabella mushroom or eggplant slices are great burger substitutes, with a naturally “meaty” taste, no additives needed. I never touch factory-produced “fake meats”.

  • zegg Jun 26 8:14 AM - Comment
    commented on Locavore ideals all year long.

    There’s a local market near me in Trenton NJ which is open year round. Up through December the produce is good - winter squash, root veggies, cabbage, potatoes etc. But by January the choice and quality declines - I’ve bought potatoes black on the inside from frost. Things get going again in March, but for a couple of months I stick to the supermarket. Remember in the good old days people used to get seasonal vitamin deficiences; not something I wish to return to.

  • zegg May 17 12:02 PM - Comment
    commented on Rabbit on the menu.

    I still don’t understand why rabbit needs a special feed, when there are wild rabbits eating everything in my lawn/flower beds. Why can’t rabbits be pasture-raised?

  • zegg Jan 25 1:29 PM - Comment
    commented on Lessons in food and life.

    I’m a bit late on this thread, but I wanted to mention that our local food pantry tells us that many of their recipients live in accommodation which does not include a proper kitchen; that’s the reason they can’t cook things like potatoes. All donations have to be things than can be eaten without cooking or simply heated in a microwave. So I don’t think we should be judging the food pantry customers until we know their home situation.

    On another note, I’m glad to say my kids’ middle school has a compulsory “life skills” program which includes cooking and mending/sewing, and in high school will cover personal finance.

    Also, in teaching my kids to cook, I notice that most kids cookbooks have recipes for what I consider “useless” food (i.e. cookies). Similarly in summer camp cooking classes - there seems to be an idea that kids can’t be trusted with knives or hot stoves I think. So in our weekend cooking lessons we do “real” food (i.e. the stuff you can sustain yourself on) like omelets, pasta, rice, learning how to chop onions, etc.

  • zegg Oct 21 12:39 PM - Comment
    commented on A food-waste primer.

    I was surprised you didn’t include eating up the left-overs (from home, not just restaurant). Since I started taking last-night’s dinner remnants to work for lunch, I have thrown away almost no cooked food, and saved about $25 per week in lunch costs.

  • zegg Jun 20 8:13 AM - Comment

    Cherry clafoutis

    Found an easy and tasty way to serve up cherries, picked that morning. Halved and pitted cherries plus pancake style batter, all baked in the oven.

  • zegg Jun 10 9:33 AM - Comment

    Salad with bite!

    From my community garden plot and CSA: radishes, garlic scapes and sugar-snap peas, balanced with a few lettuce leaves and a little olive oil and vinegar.

  • zegg Apr 8 7:20 AM - Comment
    commented on Good enough.

    I’ve been to some places with “tasting menus” that I’ve really enjoyed (but I haven’t tried any of the recent molecular gastronomy examples which just don’t appeal to me), and I am a big fan of tapas too. To me the key is that several different small plates can be a wonderful way to try lots of interesting things in one meal, but to really “taste” something, it has to be bigger than one bite. The first bite is just an introduction, then you try another and another, experiencing something more each time. I think my sweet spot is a meal of about 6 dishes being enough to fill me up comfortably.

  • zegg Feb 16 8:00 AM - Comment
    commented on Dining in.

    Of course, yoga doesn’t need to cost anything; once you’ve done a few classes, you can just do it at home. At least that’s always my plan, funny how it’s much easier to remember to do it when you’ve paid for it...

  • zegg Dec 7 8:47 AM - Comment
    commented on How I learned to cut up a chicken — and why.

    Interestingly the breast is my least favorite part of the chicken. For casseroles, curries and stirfries I always prefer the tastier juicier thighs, and for grilling drumsticks and wings with their complete skin-cover are best. The only way I like chicken breast is when it is roasted, and then only to temperatures somewhat less than USDA recommendations, so that it’s still juicy. I’ve always found breast the most tasteless part of the chicken...

  • zegg Jun 11 10:17 AM - Split
    commented on Culinary herb primer and Culinary herb primer.

    NE = North East US, sorry forgot to put the US!

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